Torrey Devitto featured in BELLO magazine
Former fashion model, musician and actor has graced the cover story of BELLO wearing the PLUMA Gladiator necklace. In the story Devitto shares what’s gotten her to where she is today and what is in the works. Here’s a snippet:

Torrey played a bevy of characters in America’s most beloved dramas. With Carrie, the infamous psychotic nanny in CW’s iconic One Tree Hill (who could forget her!) and the beautiful, mysterious Melissa Hastings in ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, DeVitto has exemplified her sheer talent–clearly she’s not just a pretty little face!

From the overwhelming support of One Tree Hill fans, to viewers’ mixed reactions, to the reveal of A’s identity in Pretty Little Liars, and now her upcoming role in Chicago Med, this creative powerhouse of an actress recently took a breather and sat down with BELLO mag and revealed a bit about her iconic roles and some juicy backstories.

BELLO mag: So obviously one of your most iconic roles is playing Melissa Hastings in Pretty Little Liars, which has such a dedicated fan base, do you find that daunting at all?

Torrey DeVitto: Yeah, I mean I didn’t know the show was going to end up doing what it did, running for this long and to have this much of a following, so it’s definitely very cool and surreal. I’m honoured to be part of a show that has this sort of impact.

BM: The fans had quite a mixed reaction to the reveal of A, what was your reaction when you found out?

TDV: I thought it was really cool. Before I knew, I kept thinking to myself, ‘how are they going to reveal that it’s someone who none of the fans have suspected before?’ There were so many theories flying around and people were so invested, so no matter what your reaction was, positive or negative, the fact that they were still able to shock people, I think is amazing. I liked the whole twist they had on it.

Read the entire feature here.

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