About Us

 “Fortuna i forti aiuta, e i timidi rifiuta” or in other words, “Fortune favors the bold.”


In the hills of Tuscany and Milan the American spirit melds with the quality of Italian craftsmanship. An alchemy of elegance and punctuation shape materials of gold, diamonds, resin, brass and gunmetal in statement pieces for those that live boldly and question the status quo.


At PLUMA we believe that life’s greatest moments are discovered by making bold choices, and that living, really living, is discovered through passion and purpose. We are not defined by the naysayers, critics or conformists. We defy rules and limitations; by our own design we are free.


We are defined by craftsmanship, materials, and quality. All pieces are made by hand, in Italy, through the passed on traditions of master-craftsmen. Materials include 24 karat platedgold, brass, premium Italian leather, and the highest quality resins resulting in unparalleled strength.

The above photos come from LUXURY magazine, The Cityist magazine, and GLAMOUR magazine–each featuring PLUMA handmade jewelry.